KettleHouse Amphitheater Seating Chart

KettleHouse Amphitheater Seating Chart

KettleHouse Amp is designed to welcome about 4,000 guests and music lovers across multiple seating sections. These sections range in three different areas as detailed below.

Standing Room Pit

At the very front of the venue right up in front of the stage is the standing room pit area. Guests here get the most intimate view of the performing bands and musicians and can hear the music as loud and clear as can be. This area is the perfect space for guests who want to get up and dance or want the easiest access to the bar while staying reasonably close to the on-stage action.

Reserved Seating

Behind the pit area is a set of reserved seating spaces designed on a gradual rise so that most guests in the earlier rows won’t block the views from guests behind them. These seats bleacher style seats that will give you excellent sightlines to the music and the best trade off between closeness to the stage and convenient access to facilities.

Lawn Space Seating

Finally, in the rear, is the lawn. Here guests can relax and enjoy the music at the most leisurely space. Many guests love to just sit and enjoy high-quality music while having the room to sit back and relish being surrounded by nature’s beauty on all sides. It’s also the best choice if you prefer having the most room possible during busier events. There are also bar areas and restroom facilities close to this space.

Accessible Seating

The venue strives to be as ADA-approved as possible, so there are accessibility seating spaces available in both the pit area and reserved seating. These spaces also come with companion seats so you and your company can remain together during the show.

NOTE: The above seating map can be subject to change. This depends on the type of event. Always check the seating map when selecting your tickets for each individual event.

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